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G-Sharp is a dual-engine guitar effects processor that combines superior TC Electronic effects with an easy-to-use audio interface. If you play the guitar you probably already know TC Electronic and the award-winning quality it stands for. The G-Sharp Multi-Effects Processor is no exception, and it comes packed with lots of modulations, delays, and reverbs.
Each of the two engines gives you 15 different factory presets that let you navigate smoothly through the parameters and quickly achieve the sound you're after. As this is a true guitar effects processor, you can control the G-Sharp via an optional footswitch or MIDI controller. The 99 user presets and a separate engine bypass function are easily controlled from the floor.
With G-Sharp you get full and direct access to all the legacy reverbs and effects, and their parameters. Everything is easy to control from the front panel and that gives you a maximum of flexibility ” at home, in the rehearsal room, or when you're playing live.
High density 24-bit processing and A/D/A converters fully live up to the TC reputation of high quality and tone preserving I/O.
Auto-sensing digital input at 24-bit S/PDIF gives you a secure and bulletproof input connection in any setup. If digital input fails to register, the G-Sharp will automatically switch back to analog input selection.
Easy-to-read preset display, MIDI in/out, MIDI clock tempo sync, tap tempo from a pedal, and a global bypass function makes MIDI implementation a snap.
Plug the G-Minor triple footswitch or the TC G-Switch pedal to the G-Sharp, and you have instant access to parameters and changes right from the floor.
Adaptive built in power supply secures seamless operation at any voltage.

7 Delay Types:

Standard Delay
Soft Delay
Tape Delay
Lo-Fi Delay
Dynamic Delay
PingPong Delay
Slapback Delay

8 Modulation Effects:

Vintage Phaser
Smooth Phaser
Swell Tremolo
Hard Tremolo
Lush Chorus
Soft Chorus

15 Reverb Types:

Vintage Spring
Classic Spring
Plain Spring
Tin Plate
Gold Plate
Silver Plate
Guitar Box
Small Room
Living Room
Tiled Room
Round Room
TC Hall
Grand Reverb

Zamena za proviron

zamena za proviron