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Haha he's tripping. I like Wlad too and believe he is one of the best boxers. Who he can't match with skill he can out might and vice verse. But what I would not say is that Wlad is better beyond comparison to anybody else. Saying he dominated Haye isn't doing anything to improve credibility for Wlad or the era (or his opinion). Quite frankly it's time he investigated the worthiness, pros/cons and match ups of the more than dozen other boxers that I consider would have also given Wlad hard fight. Love to see how he spins Lennox/Wladimir. He could not use stats to prove anything conclusive there or rely on observtions to save golden boy.

The exhibit contains sealed glass containers of books and prints that, in some cases, were published 50 or more years before the American Revolutionary War. There is a print of the goddess Venus, part of a volume that celebrated the visit of Tuscan prince Ferdinando de’ Medici to Venice in 1688. We see “Vendetta of Love,” as described by the exhibit organizers as, “a 16th century pulp fiction novel” published in Venice with a woodcut frontispiece showing a woman stabbing herself with a knife. There are two flap books printed in Venice in the late 1500s with a print of a woman and chaperone on gondola. Underneath the flap is an illustration of two lovers embracing. In another picture is a courtesan showing her skirt raised to a Venetian senator.

Another item causing some concern these days is the auto start/stop. This system turns off the engine when stopped at red lights, or while sitting in traffic. The engine then restarts when the driver removes his or her foot off the brake. While some reviews bemoan the speed at which the engine restarts, we found a unique benefit to it — it helped not scare off the birds! While driving around and scouting the open country, we routinely came across large flocks of birds. Auto start/stop allowed us to watch without having to stop, shift into park, and then shut off the engine. Then, we could easily move on with the simple removal of our foot from the brake. This was quite an unforeseen benefit of this system.

Test primo log

test primo log


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