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By the early '70s, Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye were in completely different creative territories. Ross was settling down as a professional diva, while Gaye was pushing his art forward with What's Going On , Trouble Man , and Let's Get It On . What they shared, apart from a mutual admiration, was that they were two of the biggest artists on Motown and that their voices sounded terrific together. So it wasn't entirely surprising that the duo teamed up in 1973 for the Diana & Marvin album. Although the album didn't produce any timeless classics, the results were still very good -- good enough for the record to be one of Ross ' best efforts of the era. The highlights are the three singles ("You're a Special Part of Me," "My Mistake (Was to Love You)," "Don't Knock My Love"), but even the weaker tunes are redeemed by the duo's indelible chemistry, and that's the reason why it's worth a listen.

Infants move through First Steps (0–2), Tweenies (2–3), Caterpillars (2–3) and Butterflies (3–4). The Nursery also offers a Pre-School Class for 3 and 4 year olds to help prepare children for their move to Infant School. As part of this class, children have regular opportunities to visit Bolton School Infant School (Beech House) and attend weekly assemblies, as well as taking part in more structured activities. These include swimming and ballet lessons, daily phonics activities, an introduction to numbers, and a focus on developing good listening skills. [35]

For decades, Diana Vreeland was one of the leading authorities in fashion through eccentric self-taught skill and a bold stylistic audacity. This film guides you through this fashion pioneer's long career from her youth in Paris until she became a leading magazine fashion columnist and editor. In this medium, Vreeland challenged its preconceptions to present a new definition of beauty and vivaciousness where nice clothes were just the beginning for something deeper. Even when that vocation ended, Vreeland managed to gain a new museum profession to present clothing's history in her own inimitable way. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (kchishol@)

Diana bolton

diana bolton


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